Sr. No. Name Of The Organization Shree Radha Krishan Kripa Dham Sewa Sansthanam Trust
1 Year Of Establishment 16 June 2013
2 Registration No./ Under Act 300-IV, 2014
3 Registration year 16 June 2014
4 Working Area Throughout India
5 Registered Office SN Temple, Khadri Road Shyampur
District: Dehradun
6 Key person (Founder-President) Acharya Ram Sewak Bhatt
7 Contact Numbers 8937017464, 8962524685, 8851620793
8 E-Mail Address radhakrishensewasansthanam@gmail.com, info@radhakrishnsewa.com, acharyaramsewakshastri@gmail.com
9 PAN No. AAOTS2223F
10 U/S 80-G(Income tax act 1961) Under Process
11 U/S 12-A (Income tax act 1961) Registered
12 FCRA No. / Nature Under Process

One name of Vasundhara is Ratanagarabha, which has been giving many gems to the sages of India as sages and guides from time to time. Who has made the path of attainment of God easy and easy by increasing the pride of this land? For this reason, this earth is also called Tapobhumi. In the same series, Alaknanda Bhilangana, mother of sages living in the lap of Tehri district Silwal village Patti on Tehsil Pratap Nagar district Tehri Garhwal state of Uttarakhand India Acharya Ram Sewak Bhatt Ji was born in Vikram Samvat 2040 Kartik month Krishna Paksha Dashami date Rohini nakshatra 9 Entry took place on 25 October 1983 in a Brahmin family. Your parents, revered Mr. Ramesh Prasad Bhatt and revered mother Mrs. Sumitra Devi are both very religious and Shri Radhakrishna worshipers of Radha Krishna worshiper. Who, like Guru, kept Acharya Ram Sewak Bhatt Ji for 13 years amid beautiful rites.

This child could be well-refined and become a Brahmin in the true sense, through Bhagavad Katha and sermon, for the welfare of himself and the public. For this purpose, the admission of Acharya Ramsevak Bhatt Ji was done in Jairam Sanskrit College, Rishikesh district, Dehradun. Where he got the right to study the Dwij and Vedas after the Yajnopavit Sanskrit and he got the title of Pooranacharya from 1997 to 2007, that is, after studying many religious scriptures for 10 years, and he was adorned with the words “Shastri Ji” and “Acharya Ji”. The achievements are considered as offerings of Thakurji’s feet. Thereafter, Vaishnavi was initiated by the highly revered “Shri Nityananda Ji Maharaj” (Vrindavan) and was beautified in the spiritual world under the name Acharya Ram Sewak Bhatt.

In the same order, while residing in Vrindavan, Braj Vibhuti Bhagwat Bhushan Puranacharya “Shri Sri Nath Shastri Ji” With the blessings of Charan Kamal, he made a deep study of Srimad Bhagwat Maha Purana. As a result of which you have got the distinction of becoming the ultimate blessing character of Bhagwat Bhushan “Shri Nath Shastri Ji”, the talent does not see age, and today with the blessings of parents and gurus, at such a young age Acharya Ram Sewak Ji in various states of the country, of Shrimad Bhagwat Maha Puran Many successful events are held on the psyche of the people like the resplendent sun of the spiritual world. With the continuous inspiration of Thakur Ji, Acharya Shri for the helpless poor child girls, for the widowed women in the society, for the preservation of culture, for the propagation of Bhagwat religion and to make the young generation aware of the society and encourage it Established the Shri Radha Krishna Kripa Dham Seva Sansthan Trust at Rishikesh Dham in which Acharya Ramsevak Bhatt Ji Son Shri Ramesh Prasad Bhatt Khadri Khadak Maaf Tehsil Rishikesh District Dehradun Uttarakhand Bharat Ji was appointed as the Founder. In which at present, the education system and residence of 25 to 30 children are running the institute smoothly. Under the aegis of Santhanam, Uttarakhand supported the lives of the people who suffered from the disaster in the month of June 2013. To do this, Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana Gyan Yagya was organized by Shree Radha Krishna Kripa Dham Seva Sansthan from 23 September 2013 to 28 September 2013, in which an amount of ₹ 60000 was collected near the institute and the institute was associated with the disaster. He was also a representative of the institute and gave him the donation from time to time. But keep on doing such programs, let all of you become familiar with these objectives of the institute and join the institute and by playing your part, play an important role in making the institute successful for all these objectives. The institute is grateful to all of you.

Acharya Ram Sewak Bhatt


Acharya Ram Sewak Bhatt, founder, and president of Shree Radha Krishan Kripa Dham Seva Sansthanam Trust, who did his education from Gurukul. He was able to connect deeply with his culture, civilization, society, and religion by learning from the Gurukul. He always adheres to the principles of high life, simple thought. The service of Acharya Ji is full of code. He established this trust so that he could help the needy.

Through this trust, along with the propagation of Bhagwat religion, education of the helpless poor children, medical care, establishment of self-employment for widowed women, marriage of poor girls, cow service, old ashram, the establishment of the orphanage is their only aims at. Considering the whole world as his family and preserving it and his resolve to keep his culture alive always keeps him on the path of Satyakarma.