Gau Sewa

The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is worshipped thus: “My Lord, You are the well-wisher of the Cows and the Brahmanas, and You are the well-wisher of the entire human society and world.”

In the Srimad Bhagavatam it is said: gavah panca pavitrani: the cows deliver five products and all of them are pure and uncontaminated. The five products received from the cow are milk, ghee, yogurt, cow dung and urine. These five products, calledpancha-gavya, are required in all ritualistic ceremonies performed according to the Vedic directions.


  • To rescue stray, abandoned, and neglected cows, bring about their recovery as healthy, well-treated companions, and to promote such care and compassion.
  • To provide medical relief to bleeding, injured, pregnant cows, and rehabilitating these cows to hospitals for treatment and then to the gaushalas in the vicinity.
  • To provide the best possible care and attention given to cows prior to being taken to a shelter home and veterinary center.
  • To propagate and promote love for the cow and its virtues.
  • To prevent cruelty and slaughter of cows through positive action.
  • To right knowledge on the use of cow manure is being imparted at various centers, particularly keeping in view the increasing popularity of organic farming.

Your contribution will help in the caretaking of the cows at Shree Radha Krishan Kripa Dham Sewa Sansthanam Trust.

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सुरभि गौशाला का भूमि पूजन करते हुए राजेश भोला माता बिम्लेश परिवार & मानक चन्द अगरवाल परिवार द्वारा ऋषिकेश श्री राधा कृष्ण कृपा धाम सेवा संस्थानम्  ट्रस्ट (रजिo)

रमेश जी s/o श्री गल्थू राम जी ने ग्राम नगर पट्टी वनगढ जिला टिहरी गढ़वाल में श्री राधा कृष्ण कृपा धाम सेवा संस्थानम् ट्रस्ट को गौ पालन एवं गौ संरक्षण हेतु 188/75 भूमि का दान ट्रस्ट को दिया गया ट्रस्ट शीघ्र ही इस कार्य को प्रारंभ करेगा