1. Propagation of Bhagwat religion.
  2. Establishment of Gurukul for the conservation of Sanskrit and culture.
  3. Help poor, destitute people and financially disabled children.
  4. Organizing various camps for public benefits such as eye camps, handicapped camps, vaccination polio drops, blood donation camps, yoga camps, etc.
  5. Distributing free medicines to the poor, needy people.
  6. Serving free food to poor students.
  7. Serving cow and providing her protection all over the world.
  8. Reading the ancient Vedic syllabus in a modern language which will help in the development of science and technology in such a way that it does not harm the environment.
  9. To establish our centers all over the world and to train that spiritual guide, so that people can be saved from pessimistic misery, sin, and self-murder.
  10. Opening, operating, and providing educational, spiritual, and cultural education in a healthy environment.
  11. Land leasing and construction for the hospital, Dharamshala, old age home, orphanage, etc.
  12. Distribution of free medicines to poor and poor sections of the society.
  13. Organizing free health support camps in 13 backward and rural areas.
  14. To provide its services to provide education, health, and other relief to the poor irrespective of any caste, religion, or language.
  15. To liberate people from poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and diseases for which integrated and intensive programs can be run.
  16. Culturally Upgradation of Widow Women and Poor Children.
  17. To carry out such activities for the members of the organization so that their mental and physical development.
  18. Provide stipend, scholarship, or other forms of assistance to 18 eligible students.
  19. To provide employment to 19 unemployed youths, which are possible under various programs and self-employment schemes.
  20. To acquire other religious trusts and or institutions with a similar purpose.
  21. Leasing or renting land for the above purposes or accepting such gifts or donations, acquiring land, buildings, decorations, vehicles, and other movable immovable property.
  22. To take a pledge to fulfill other religious purposes as may be considered by the trustees from time to time.
  23. Environmental and biological awareness programs Play.
  24. traditional artistic music courses.
  25. Providing financial assistance for the marriage of poor girls.
  26. Providing sewing, embroidery, and jute services for the employment of women.
  27. Creating an environment or environment that the world is one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam).
  28. Appoint teachers, instructors, and experts with a good moral character who can be able to fulfill the objectives of immediate and modern education to the students in modern science, industrial education, research work, and intellectual and other purposes.
  29. To create global harmony and to integrate all the multi-cultural beliefs that are possible through world peace and love.
  30. Uncovering the feelings of service of mankind.
  31. Setting the Model of Fraternity.
  32. Accepting any person, firm, institution or State Government, Central Government visit, voluntary help, donation, etc. which is for the good of the Trust and such voluntary help or donation to a foreign government, institution, or other non-governmental institution which is an applicant or international Be accepted.
  33. Receiving or giving alms.
  34. Receiving and giving buildings as donations.
  35. To purchase movable or immovable property, on lease or exchange basis, to obtain rent and such rights or special rights as may be necessary and convenient for the purpose of the Trust and to construct such property.